A villa in the Cap de Nice area, against a backdrop of the Baie des Anges

Has any Niçois taking a stroll from Boulevard Franck Pilatte to Mont Boron ever failed to notice the strange dome, floating on the Mediterranean? Has anyone ever failed to wonder about its purpose?

This timeless building, an integral part of the architectural heritage of Cap de Nice, is nothing other than the extension of an ultra-modern property, which is today reserved for social gatherings. Access to the property is via the green roof, giving nothing away about the private lift which serves three luxurious levels. From the sea, the beauty of the villa lies within its horizontal lines, pristine concrete panels, and sandstone flooring. A geometric design softened by the rounded shape of the facade and the wooden decking around the pool area.











An 80m² lounge area

In line with all of the other rooms in the villa, the lounge looks over the Mediterranean. The lift opens into the lounge area, while the dining room and the kitchen are set back. The rear metal staircase leads to the other levels, while the steep rock-face, which can be perceived through the wide bay windows, offers a reminder of how the villa was built, on the side of the cliff. The scale of this living room, and its panoramic sea view, are enchanting.

An open and bright room

The whiteness contrasts with the grey sandstone slabs and the stainless steel and metal features. The focus on geometry continues, whether with the Flos lamps or the Bonaldo, Sangiacomo or Cattelan furniture. And there are just enough soft curves to tone down the angular shapes. The perfect blend of straight lines and curves…

The master bedroom is on an entirely separate floor

The first level (starting from the top) contains the master bedroom: a breathtaking panoramic view over the Riviera, and a headboard covered with pearl grey satin, which lines the base of the bed and the curtains.

Three garden-level suites with terraces

The third level (still working from the top) contains three bedrooms and as many bathrooms. The dome, which has independent access, contains the fifth suite. All spaces have been designed with the privacy of the occupants in mind.

Playing with perspectives and transparency

If the sea continues to be the key feature of the architecture, the house will not forget its origins. The wide bay windows intersected by metal frames bear witness to this on the cliff-side. A world rich in both minerals and plants. A spectacular view…

A waterfront villa

Outdoor spaces which open onto the sea

Private access to the sea

25 minutes from the Principality of Monaco

A breathtaking view over the Baie des Anges

15 minutes from Nice Côte d’Azur Airport